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Theoretical Failsafe

March 19th, 2013 · No Comments

Conclusion to DMR

Theoretical Failsafe
As we can see, we are in a critical muddle of theories. We cannot do with theories of evolution, and we cannot do without. Armed with Darwinian assumptions, men will start killing each other in the name of evolution. There is no simple eugenic program possible, however, for man as he is.
We need a clear awareness of our ignorance, but with a sudden new understanding, still partial, based on our study of history. The solution is to consider the historical template we have found as a middle ground of rough approximation to the spectacle of the fossil record, aware that it can be misleading. But that evolution occurs in rapid macro template-realizing phases followed by micro phases of working out details makes sense in the most obvious way of the mysteries created by Darwinian distortions of thought.
Our analysis enables us to make this rough approximation to the evolution question by looking at history. We have suffered enough confusion via the reductionist genetics fallacy. Evolution is a noumenal unknown whose outward phenomenon is nonetheless visible as a macro driver operating in an oscillation that carries a teleological factor. And this process seems to be the realization in real time of a hidden template against which the micro aspect of evolution tends to approximate. This double action is very similar to the original intuition of Lamarck. The stunning beauty and complexity of this process is still mysterious to us, and we can see the way it could be confused with theistic action. As we have seen it can with stunning power remorph whole cultures in short intervals or time-slices. Small wonder the Israelites thought in terms of divinity, whose original meaning to them wa s that of a higher power that could operate on a cultrue and geographical region. We suddenly realize what the original meaning was unknown figures behind the prophets were attempting to disclose, before the rapid degeneration into theism.

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